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Your Own subsidiary

HSS accounting with immense experience have developed unique model of services for CA and CPA firms. We work to help you to get more opportunities while all back end work related support has been provided by setting up a subsidiary in a low cost environment. We work as your own subsidiary allowing you more control over the process and work with in-house QC standard. This allows you to grow faster as your team provides you greater support at with lower expenses.


Open Ended Per Hour

This model is beneficial for Small firms having a highly fluctuating work load during a month. Using this model you can setup your subsidiary as per your need and need to invest (9.5$ per hour) only according to work done by your resource. Additionally this helps you to hire more resources anytime during the period as and when work load increases.


This model is specially designed for benefit of Medium and small organization having consistent work load but not sufficient for a full time resource. Using this model you can setup your subsidiary as per your customize need and hire half resource at a nominal cost of 699$/month.


This model for subsidiary setup is beneficial for bigger organizations like you. This helps you hire a bigger cost effective team at a nominal cost of 1299 $/month. Using this model you can save enjoy a full time resource as per your requirement.


Business Domains


Group Companies


Years of Existance


Qualified Resources